Vaping is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking these days. Instead of burning a dry herb, a vaporizer heats up to a high enough temperature, somewhere between 360 and 390 degrees Fahrenheit, that the active ingredients in the herb are converted to gas. It’s a healthier habit since vapor doesn’t contain the tar and other toxins released in smoke, and many people find it better tasting, easier on the lungs, and more enjoyable overall. If you’re considering taking up the vaping habit, there are three types of vaporizers to choose from.

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The smallest and least expensive is a vaporizer pen. Vape pens can fit in your pocket or purse, and they’re very discreet, emitting little odor and blending in with all the nicotine vape pens that are around. Vape pens are small, and most of them only use a single type of product. Some use dry herbs, some use an oil-based concentrate, and some use an e-liquid. Oil and wax concentrates are hard to clean and require that the pen be cleaned after every use. E-liquids are made with a vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol base along with a flavoring to give it a pleasant taste.

The next step up in price and size is a portable vaporizer. These aren’t much bigger than a pen, but the same vaporizer can be used with either dry herbs or a liquid concentrate. Either butane- or battery-powered, these devices are small enough to be carried in your pocket; however, they emit more vapor and odor than a pen and thus are not quite as discreet. If you want a powerful yet portable vaporizer, this is the type to choose.

The largest and most expensive model is the desktop vaporizer. As the name suggests, it is designed for home use. It needs to sit on a flat surface and remain plugged in while in use. The desktop vaporizer is by far the most powerful. It’s also the most versatile; you can use tubes or water pipe extensions and share the experience with friends, and you can also fill a detachable balloon with vapor to share. If you’re considering a desktop or other vaporizer, check the vblog faq and its about us page to learn more.

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